Benik Corporation is a family-owned company proud of its products. Founded in 1983, Benik has a long history of developing high-quality medical and sports neoprene products for adults and children. The availability of individually tailored and individually designed products distinguishes Benik as a leader and innovator in its field. Our product line features many original designs, including our patented method of combining custom-molded thermoplastic and neoprene materials to create a comfortable product. Benika's creative, knowledgeable and skilled staff provides our clients with invaluable resources to meet their patients' needs and turn their concepts into reality. Thanks to close cooperation with equally creative medical workers, unique problem-solving products are created; many of them were designed for one patient at a time. This, combined with the highest quality and service, allows our clients to consistently exceed their patients' expectations. Thank you for choosing Benik. We look forward to working with you.

Made of 1.5mm or 3mm breathable neoprene, lined with terry cloth. They were created to support the CMC and MCP joints of the thumb and, optionally, the index finger. If you need more support, use your chosen thermoplastic stiffener. Splint can be equipped with bottom, top or side stiffeners. The basic version can be extended both towards the fingers and towards the forearm. In case of hand rotation, it can be equipped with a special derotation tape reaching to the shoulder. For children who clench their hands strongly, the splint can be supplemented with finger tubes, and if this is not sufficient, placed on a special pad made of stiff material to cause and consolidate full extension of the fingers.

Thermoplastic stiffeners

  • Standard

    Standard, additional thumb abduction support

  • Dorsal

    MCP hyperextension control

  • Thenar

    CMC, free MCP and IP support

  • Web Space

    Permanent visit

  • Ulnar

    Control of elbow curvature

Additional options

  • Extension towards the toes

  • Extension towards the elbow

  • Thermoplastic toe panel

  • Derotation tape

  • Aluminum poles

  • Finger tubes