Handcrafted in Italy, the EASY UP® collection is designed for completely independent use by users of AFO, DAFO and splints, or those with limited or lost mobility. Thanks to the hinged rear spoiler, the shoe can be opened completely as if it were an open slipper, allowing the foot to easily slide into place. The clever EASA UP BOA® lacing system closes the spoiler and adjusts the shoe to the foot. This means there are no pressure points on the instep that are common with laces and Velcro, and the simplicity of the BOA lacing system means the shoe can be put on with one hand. And most importantly - EASY UP® footwear has the widest toes of the models available on the market - which means that even owners of very wide orthoses with metal buckles will be able to find suitable footwear.

Easy Up makes it very easy to wear shoes when using AFOs and other orthotics. Just pull the dial, open the spoiler, insert your foot, press the dial and turn clockwise to close and adjust the shoe to your foot. Some Easy Up models have a rear dial, others have a side dial. If you are a wheelchair user or have limited autonomy, you probably prefer to use the Easy Up with a side dial. In most cases, Easy Up also adapts to the foot without an orthosis: their intelligent lacing system adapts to the foot like a glove, and if you still have space to fill, you can use the included insert or, if necessary, use your own insert. The lacing system is so durable that the spool and laces are guaranteed for the life of the product.

  • Easy to put on

  • Tailor-made

  • Insulated models

  • Large selection of

Easy Ups are made to order and delivered within a few weeks. The reason is that we want our customers to have the widest possible choice (not just a few colors!) and the best quality. Currently, Easy Up is available in 15 models with over 60 different color versions: you will be spoiled for choice! To guarantee the best quality, we produce Easy Up in our factory in Italy. Each Easy Up is handmade using the best leathers and materials, as well as the best craftsmanship methods: double stitching for durability, anti-tear leather treatment for better durability, Vibram® tread on the sole, etc. Easy Up is also customizable: you can choose smooth or perforated lining, a flat sole if you need more stability, or a rounded heel. You can also add the FLEXY option if you want the sole to be more flexible. We are one of the few companies that also make woolen shoe insulation for winter. Insulation can be ordered for any shoe model.

  • Standard

  • Perforated

  • Woolen

  • Flat heel

    Flat heel for greater stability for those who do not walk independently and/or with non-dynamic orthoses.

  • Rounded heel

    The rounded heel is recommended to help those who walk independently with a normal gait and/or with a dynamic orthosis