You will see many smiling faces here. Our biggest smiles come from the children who wear our products. That's because Surestep is loved by parents, orthopedists and physiotherapists all over the world. Surestep orthotics are custom-made to provide extra support for these amazing kids to run, jump and play. In fact, our main product, the patented Surestep SMO System, has revolutionized orthotic management for children with pronation or low muscle tone (hypotonia) around the world. Providing creative solutions to provide stability and independence for children who struggle with self-confidence is why Surestep started and why it exists today. We hope you smile too as you learn more about our life-changing products.

Surestep is a company full of amazing people who have come together to change the lives of children around the world. It's our culture. We believe that this culture guides our decisions and actions at an unconscious level. As a result, this has had a profound impact on Surestep's well-being and success. You'll experience our culture when you interact with our exceptional customer service team, when your child wears our superior product, and when your child experiences life-changing results. For our employees, our culture is demonstrated through providing a warm and inviting workplace and break, week-long company vacations, and our own version of the "Oscars", where colleagues nominate each other for awards based on the company's core values. Our approach attracts people who want to deliver amazing products to children who need them. When children are happy, we are happy too.

We are proud to announce that our custom Surestep product line is manufactured right here at our headquarters in South Bend, Indiana. Because outstanding quality is part of our core values, we take our technology very seriously. Investing in the latest technology allows us to produce products with the highest level of quality, materials and personalization. Surestep was the first orthotic manufacturer in the United States to use 7-axis sculpture, which significantly improves product fit. Our gait laboratory, equipped with an electronic gait analysis system using pressure mapping and video, gives us the opportunity to conduct case studies to demonstrate and prove the long-term benefits and results of wearing our products. We are proud that our investment in technology has a direct impact on every child who wears a Surestep brace.

Remember that our products are made to individual order. This means that our ready-made proposals are only suggestions on where to start. We are ready for any challenge, thanks to a whole range of ideas, solutions and materials, all to ensure that our orthoses work as best as possible. Our product is too low for your needs? We'll make it higher. Too little or too flexible? We have materials with various degrees of flexibility at our disposal. Does your child like patterns or just the opposite? We will make orthoses in a solid color, or you can choose one of about 20 available patterns that we will place on your orthosis. Our offer also includes options such as:

– Anti-slip sole
– Transverse arch support
– Finger pad
– Heel wedge
– Houdini's turnips
– Stiffening of the sole
– Gel lining of the orthosis

Just tell us what you need!

A good product is a well-fitting product

We all know that to achieve the best result, the orthosis must fit well. It cannot be too tight, too loose, it cannot rub or cause discomfort when worn. Our children must want to wear them because they sometimes spend very long periods of time in them. That's why all our products are selected by specialists, and each orthosis is made on the basis of a very detailed measurement card. However, this is not enough for us! Therefore, in order to make our orthoses even better, we gave up traditional, rather imprecise plaster casts, and started working with the most modern digital methods - now our measurements go hand in hand with electronic images of the foot made with special 3D scanners. Thanks to this technology, we can "see" and secure every smallest detail on the child's foot, thanks to which he will wear our orthoses with pleasure. This is particularly important in the case of severely deformed feet or strongly protruding bone elements.