Compression postural orthoses

Soft, compressive body orthoses facilitate correction in the case of muscle tone disorders and problems with maintaining proper body posture caused by neurological disorders (e.g. cerebral palsy, stroke, paraplegia). They normalize proprioceptive sensation and reduce spastic muscle tension. They consist of many parts: vests, shorts, sleeves and hats, which work together or separately to ensure proper spinal sensation. In some of them, a system of elastic bands provides an adjustable level of compression. Orthoses should be used while performing everyday activities and with full rehabilitation treatment (exercises, gait training, occupational therapy) to increase its effectiveness.

PCO® (Postural Compression Orthoses) are class I medical devices that provide dynamic stabilization and muscle control in children suffering from neurological disorders, such as cerebral palsy (CP) or spina bifida. They are very popular in the Polish and international environment of physiotherapists and neurologists. Dynamic PCO® orthoses are made of Lycra and have neoprene inserts ensuring excellent relief in critical places. Lycra provides excellent compression and control of abnormal muscle tension. PCO® orthoses come in many variants: from single limb sleeves, to shorts and T-shirts with long and short sleeves, to torso vests. They are characterized by high sensory dynamics. Lycra provides deep core stabilization, which perfectly normalizes disturbed muscle tone, which is a common symptom of a number of neurological diseases. Deep compression of individual body parts improves sensory information flowing to the child's brain, which in turn increases proprioception and body awareness. Therefore, PCO® dynamic orthoses are a fantastic tool to support treatment and fight against increased muscle tension, including spasticity. PCO® orthoses do not limit the range of motion of the child's joints, and their deep compression normalizes muscle tension and reduces involuntary movements, which occur particularly often. in children with CP. The use of PCO® Postural Compression Orthoses is recommended by specialists in most neurological diseases whose symptoms include: increased and spastic muscle tone, decreased muscle tone, athetosis, ataxia, dystonia or dyskinesia. PCO® dynamic orthoses are a perfect complement to traditional therapy and rehabilitation activities. It is assumed that the use of PCO® Postural Compression Orthoses and their deep compression allows for better sensory information flowing to the child's brain, which in turn increases proprioception and awareness of one's own body. Therefore, PCO® dynamic orthoses are a fantastic tool in supporting treatment and combating increased muscle tension, including spasticity.

  • Advantages

    improving body balance
    increasing spinal stabilization
    increasing passive and active movement in joints
    normalization of muscle tension
    reducing spasticity
    reduction of involuntary movements
    improvement of respiratory muscles

  • Destiny

    cerebral palsy (CP)
    spina bifida
    Down syndrome
    sensory integration disorders (SI)
    increased muscle tension (muscle tension)
    weakened muscle tone (ONM)
    Rett syndrome

All orthoses are made of soft Lycra, which has very good air circulation, helps maintain the proper body temperature and ensures proper sweat removal. Combined with neoprene elements, they provide deep and dynamic stabilization of muscle tension. Flexibility and deep pressure improve body balance and significantly reduce the child's involuntary movements. The orthoses support gait, balance and stabilization of the lower and upper limbs, as well as provide muscular control and core stabilization of the entire body.