Fabrifoam Products, founded in 1990, began producing and distributing its patented composite material (fabrifoam) in 1992. Fabrifoam® was developed and patented by Applied Technology International, Ltd. Fabrifoam® is a composite material combining open-cell, elastomeric, non-latex foam with selected high-quality and specially designed materials. This unique composite was developed for use by a variety of medical professionals including physicians, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers and allied health care providers. Fabrifoam® provides these highly skilled professionals with a wide range of superior compression/support therapy tools to treat soft tissue discomfort.

Main features of Fabrifoam® material


Migration resistant

Optimizes hot/cold therapy

Provides maximum compression

Smooth regulation

Velcro® fastening




  • What is Fabrifoam?

    Fabrifoam is a patented composite material combining open-cell elastomeric foam, without the addition of latex, with selected high-quality and specially designed materials.

  • What is fabricoam used for?

    Fabrifoam is used by physicians, physical therapists and certified athletic trainers to provide compression and supportive care in the treatment of patients' soft tissue injuries.