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Compression vest with back panel

Compression vest with back panel

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Made of soft PowerElastic™ material, it provides deep, core compression and stabilization of muscle tension.

PowerElastic™ is a very thin and very flexible raw material for the production of delicate and refined orthopedic products. The raw material consists of a layer of spandex, the action of which is responsible for proper compression and adjustment of the product to the patient's body and reduces muscle vibrations occurring during increased physical exercise. The material is responsible for maintaining the right climate next to the skin and effectively wicking away sweat, and its structure guarantees velvety softness to the touch. This raw material is friendly to the patient's skin and has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.

AeroSpace II™ is an innovative new generation raw material. It is a spacer elastic 3D knitted fabric consisting of two layers of facings and an interlacing that creates the appropriate thickness of the raw material and has load-relieving properties. The fabric is made of the highest quality polyester yarn - guaranteeing high mechanical strength - and spandex ensuring its proper elasticity. The raw material has an external polyamide lining with a self-adhesive function, allowing the products to be easily adjusted. This material is characterized by very low weight, high flexibility and very high openwork structure, which allows for easy removal of sweat from the body and supply of fresh air to the skin. Products made from this raw material are neutral for the protected joint, they do not heat or cool it, but ensure proper compression and adjustment and reduce muscle vibrations occurring during physical exercise. Its thickness and 3D structure perfectly relieve the pressure on the splints, stays or orthopedic underwires installed on the product and guarantee a velvety softness to the touch.

It is assumed that the use of PCO® Postural Compression Orthoses and their deep compression allows for better sensory information flowing to the child's brain, which in turn increases proprioception and awareness of one's own body. Therefore, PCO® dynamic orthoses are a fantastic tool in supporting treatment and combating increased muscle tension, including spasticity.

The back panel provides additional stabilization and relief from critical points and bone prominences. Flexibility and deep pressure improve body balance and significantly reduce the child's involuntary movements.

The PCO-T trunk vest should be used during traditional physiotherapy and occupational therapy procedures. This solution will limit involuntary movements, normalize muscle tension and allow for much better therapeutic effects.

In the PCO-T-01 model, the back panel of the vest is made of thin, flexible Lycra and ventilated foam, which maintains a constant body temperature, reducing pain and accelerating the healing process of diseased tissues. In addition, compression increases the child's sense of deep sensation, which is crucial in the treatment of many neurological disorders.

The PCO-T-02 model has an additional, flexible x-panel, additionally stabilizing and stiffening the lumbar-sacral and thoracic sections.

PCO-T-03 and 04 models have a thermoplastic panel on the entire back surface, stiffening and stabilizing the child's back. The models differ in the extent of the side "wings", in the T-04 model they reach up to the ribs.

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