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BILLY - Children's orthotics shoes High Tops DR II Red

BILLY - Children's orthotics shoes High Tops DR II Red

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The basic concept of BILLY footwear is a zipper that runs along the side around the entire shoe, allowing the upper to be fully opened and open. This way, the user can freely place his foot on the insole. Then, when the zipper is pulled, the shoe closes and secures the wearer's foot. It's easy. That's easy. This concept makes the shoes perfect for children wearing orthoses, because we can check if everything fits well and then fasten the zipper, without the hassle of stuffing or pressing the foot while putting it on.

The DR II series is the second generation of the most popular model for stiff and wide orthoses. In the second generation, min. the following changes have been made:

- new, harder sole

- more carefully made and stronger seams

- deeper upper (for 3 inserts)

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