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EASYUP - Footwear for Active AK-05 orthoses

EASYUP - Footwear for Active AK-05 orthoses

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Footwear designed to be worn with foot orthoses. An innovative system for putting on shoes. The heel of the footwear is completely tiltable, which allows you to easily insert the foot and the orthosis into the shoe. The toe of the shoe is wide, which allows the front of the orthosis to be precisely positioned to the very end of the shoe. The instep is very high to accommodate the closing elements of the orthosis. The whole thing is secured with a system of strings that tighten on the foot using the unique, patented Boa system. The sole of the footwear is flexible, shaped like a boat to help the foot roll. Optional Flexi version of the sole, with even greater flexibility. The heel of the footwear can be semi-circular, helping the foot roll, or flat, for children who cannot walk and wear stiff orthoses. Optionally, the inside footwear is made of perforated, breathable material.

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