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SURESTEP - DAFO type orthosis

SURESTEP - DAFO type orthosis

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The Advanced brace is the "big sister" of the SMO brace. Perfect for children who want to get up and walk as quickly as possible. The brace incorporates a patented compression technique around the foot to keep children stable while building proper gait patterns. This means significant progress towards getting up and walking faster. The Advanced orthosis increases sagittal plane stability and prevents excessive plantar flexion. Built to grow with your child - when your child is ready to move on to the next stage of their development, she is ready too. It can be modified at any time to transform into its basic SMO version.

– pronation
– low muscle tone (hypotonia)
– excessive joint mobility
– delay in the process of getting up
– inability to stand for a long period of time

Depending on the need, the orthosis can be made of material with different stiffness, so it can be used as a traditional AFO orthosis or as a compression DAFO orthosis.

Our Hinged brace model is built for a purpose. For children who show excessive flexion
plantar, this orthosis may be the right solution. Provides greater stabilization in the plane
sagittal, using the plantar flexion stop while allowing free flexion
dorsal. The brace is equipped with modern Free-Motion hinges, which are lighter and narrower than
traditional hinges. This significantly reduces the volume of the orthosis, making it much easier to find
appropriate footwear.

The Pullover orthosis facilitates improved foot and ankle stability when used in conjunction with the SMO orthosis. Pullover model
has a fully movable joint, supporting dorsiflexion and allowing a full range of motion.
Thanks to this, our product is what your child needs. The orthosis can be used initially
phase in the SMO version and then as Pullover, to support dorsiflexion. This makes ours
The solution is ideal for children with mild hemiplegia who require
extra help to develop properly.

- pronation
- low muscle tone (hypotonia)
- mild form of hemiplegia
- weakened dorsal flexors
- instability in the sagittal plane

- low muscle tone (hypotonia)
- high muscle tension (hypertonia)
- pronation or supination
- poor proprioceptive awareness
- instability in the sagittal and/or frontal plane
- excessive plantar flexion

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